We Are You and You Are Us

Today’s PTA consists of moms, dads, students, teachers, uncles, aunts, grandparents, community members, and those who just love PTA. We come from all backgrounds and many countries. Our languages are abundant. And we celebrate our cultures together and on our own.

We are CEOs, small business owners, employees, and stay at home parents. We work part-time and full-time in every industry you can imagine. Our social, economic, and educational backgrounds are as diverse as we are. And we come in all shapes and sizes.

What brings us together is our desire to advocate for all children, not just our own. We believe in PTA’s mission, “to make every child’s potential a reality.” From meetings to events, we work hard to realize this goal shared by millions of people.

“We say ‘yes’ more times than ‘no’ and live life with a generous heart.”

We are organizers, procrastinators, hoarders, and purgers. We volunteer countless hours or stay connected with PTA through email. We lead discussions with legislators and turn around and bake cupcakes for teacher appreciation. We say “yes” more times than “no” and live life with a generous heart.

We are leaders at the forefront of the action and make magic happen behind the scenes. We work alone and as part of a team. We use social media to push our messaging and walk up and down the halls hanging flyers with Scotch Tape. We stay up late and wake up early. We create Plan As but always keep a Plan B in our back pocket … for when the weather doesn’t cooperate or food vendors cancel last minute.

But most of all, we are you and you are us.