The Count of Three

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A Podcast for Parents

The Count of Three is a podcast from Texas PTA, hosted by President Suzi Kennon and Executive Director Kyle Ward. As parents, Suzi and Kyle are raising their children like the rest of us — by trial and error, with a lot of laughter along the way.

Each episode invites a special guest to discuss something on nearly every parent’s mind (and search engine). Season one topics include deciphering our parenting style; taking a vacation from guilt trips; navigating the health foods aisle; and much more.

Listen, learn, and laugh your way through this crazy thing called parenting!

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Current Episode

10: Parenting Awes and Oh Mans

Carolyn Brown

Learn More: About Our Guest

Every day is a new adventure in parenting! Hosts Suzi Kennon, Kyle Ward, and special guest co-host Carolyn Brown (public speaker and Honorary PTA Life Member) will share very real and personal parenting stories from listeners. That crazy thing your kid did the other day — hear how you’re not alone!

Previous Episodes

01: How To Talk To Kids About Race and Racism

Jordan Thierry & Shimon Cohen

Learn More: About Our Guests

Many parents tend to shield their children from difficult things—deciding they’re too young to understand something—or feel unequipped to talk about the issues themselves. Guests Jordan Thierry (author, A Kids Book About Systemic Racism) and Shimon Cohen (social work educator and podcaster, Doin’ The Work: Frontline Stories of Social Change) discuss how all families can start this important conversation at home.

02: Landing the Helicopter

Julie Lythcott-Haims

Learn More: About Our Guest

Parenting styles come in all shapes and sizes, but there is one we hear about all the time that can be bad for parent and child. We’re talking about helicopter parenting. Guest Julie Lythcott-Haims (author, How to Raise an Adult) will help listeners identify whether they fall into this parenting style and what to do to finally “land the helicopter.”

03: Are Your Teens Vaping?

Meredith Berkman & Dorian Fuhrman

Learn More: About Our Guests

For many parents, vaping may seem like a far-off problem, but the reality is that e-cigarettes can easily sneak into our homes and schools under the watchful eye of adults. Guests Meredith Berkman and Dorian Fuhrman (co-founders, Parents Against Vaping e-cigarettes) discuss the tell-tale signs of vape use and what we can do for our kids.

04: Bigger Kids, Bigger Problems

Dr. Holly Harris

Learn More: About Our Guest

We’ve all heard someone say, “Just wait until they’re teenagers!” Hitting double digits seems to amplify problems for our kids, which can be especially overwhelming for families with children with developmental disorders like Autism. Guest Dr. Holly Harris (developmental pediatrics, Texas Children’s Hospital) discusses what families can expect during puberty and how to start the conversation early.

05: Take a Vacation From Your Own Guilt Trip

Paul L. Underwood

Learn More: About Our Guest

So many moms and dads don’t cut themselves any slack. To make matters worse, the pandemic has thrown everyday guilt we harbor as parents into overdrive. Guest Paul L. Underwood (father and writer, incl. The New York Times and Esquire) makes a case for why parents need to be kinder to themselves.

06: Addiction's Silent Triggers

Jessica Lahey

Learn More: About Our Guest

Many different things can contribute to a child’s predisposition to substance abuse. But topping the list is a parent’s own relationship with drugs and alcohol. Guest Jessica Lahey (author, The Addiction Inoculation) discusses the genetic legacy parents can pass on to their children, plus risk factors attributed to school and home life to look out for.

Bonus: Happiness Is More Than a Click Away

Rebecca Fox

Nowadays a lot of parents are hitting social media hard, rivaling what our tweens and teens are up to. But this endless stream of content isn’t always the best depiction of real life. Guest Rebecca Fox (parent educator and public speaker) discusses how to scroll social media with a grain of salt.

07. Welcome to Tantrum Town

Dr. Tina Payne Bryson

Learn More: About Our Guest

Explosive crying, screaming, kicking – all because a parent forgot to cut crusts off a sandwich? Our small kids have big feelings, and how we handle them in the moment matters a lot. Guest Dr. Tina Payne Bryson (co-author, No-Drama Discipline) discusses the anatomy of a tantrum and the best way to help kids through mega meltdowns.

08: Shelf Shock

Shreela Sharma, Ph.D.

Learn More: About Our Guest

Parents want to feed their families the very best, but sometimes grocery shopping isn’t so cut and dried – especially for produce. Organic or conventional? Frozen or canned? Guest Shreela Sharma, Ph.D. (UTHealth School of Public Health) discusses how families can shop healthy and smart with confidence.

09: Straight to Voicemail

Demi Austin-Thomas

Learn More: About Our Guest

From teachers to grandparents and even babysitters, there are a lot of people involved in raising children – people we rely on every day. So it’s important we maintain healthy relationships with them. Guest Demi Austin-Thomas (family dynamics coach) discusses ways to build a better rapport for the sake of the kids.

The views and opinions expressed in these stories are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of Texas PTA.